Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving outing

Uncle Chase took us horse back riding!
Reese found the dirt/poop/pee of the arena enjoyable, yuck!
Sweet sisters!
Roping, and got it on the first try! Cowgirl Blake!

We had Dan with us for 12 hours before dropping him at the Ontario, CA, airport on the way to St George for Thanksgiving. We got to stay at my Aunt Karen's house and hang with Weston and Veronica. Uncle Chase took us horse back riding and the girls loved it! Blake tried some roping and got it on the first try. She even learned how to "steer" a horse. I picked Dan up on Thanksgiving day and brought him back to the family. Unfortunately we returned him to the airport the following day. We went to St George to be a part of my brother's, Chase, baby's blessing.

The trip could have been longer but Dan had a show in Las Vegas so we dropped him off and visited an old college room-mate, Leslie. She has 2 boys that my girls had a great time playing with.

After that I was forced to stop off at a store and get a pacifier. Layne was NOT thrilled with being back in the car seat. And I needed something to help keep me awake. The soda and junk food I consumed amounted to far more calories than I would like to imagine.

Anyhow, we're back and looking forward to heading out of town in 2 weeks!

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Mrs. Anderson said...

Sounds wonderful!

Adam & Samantha said...

Chase is a dad? Crazy how the time flies! Happy Thanksgiving!