Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hair cuts

I love getting my hair cut! It's so nice to have that healthy feeling and it's nice to have someone massage my scalp.

Well, tonight Kelsey Summerhays came over and not only gave me a trim I had been long over-due for, but also Kohl AND Reese AND Blake! Reese badly needed a trim. She looks homeless or mother-less most days. I hope this hair trim will help her out a bit. As for Blake she knew just what she wanted! We talked about cutting her hair at the beginning of the summer, then again at the end of the summer. So here we are months later finally getting her hair cut. each time we talked about cutting it we'd bring up the idea of donating. I guess I put it off for so long because I've been quite hesitant to cut her beautiful hair off. She looks so darling when it's curled, and the curl will hold for days.

Well....we did it! Cut off nearly 10 inches! It's to her shoulders just how she wanted it! She really wanted strait bangs across her forehead, but that's where I drew the line! She loves her hair. And it will just keep growing and we'll keep cutting it! I really hope this shorter length will be easier to wash, brush and manage. She's always hated having her hair washed and brushed, ugh!

Here' the girls!

AND Blake!


Michelle said...

So, so awesome that Blake donated her hair! I am going to donate mine again, too.
Loved seeing her cute hair cut this morning!

Sharon said...

That's so cool. She looks really cute!

beach mommy said...

Oh my Goodness!!! no more sexy hair;)

And how 'bout those cupcake pjs?

Now where's the shot of your trim?


Oh I hope you do donate it. They look so cute! Pantene Pro-V has a program now where I think you only need 8 inches! I donated mine last year.