Friday, August 28, 2009


Before my Dan ever gets home from a long trip I have this thing about cleaning the place up really well. So then I can avoid any cleaning for the time he is home and just enjoy being together as a family. For example, my dad was in town last week and did some laundry leaving a load in the dryer. I didn't happen upon it until today! Over a week later. So that tells you that I haven't touched the laundry at all for a week. And the girls' room has been in desperate need of a new book shelf as theirs recently collapsed. Their books stayed stacked in piles for a few days until they tumbled to the floor inviting all the other toys, dolls, animals, and clothes to join them on the floor. I should have taken a picture for the evidence that we were honestly unable to see the carpet for a day or two. I tried not to worry too much about it and just let the time with Dad be more important.

So here I am, morning after saying good-bye to my husband, again. However this time it's only for 10 days! Yay!

So a bit of a catch up but in order.

The girls, Kale and I finally checked out the Aquatic Center, only once this whole summer! We had such a fun time, Blake even passed the swim test so she could jump off the diving board. No pictures for this one unfortunately.

I hosted a Girls' Night In, at my house honoring my dear friend JoElle. She is, well was, expecting her 3rd girl (having twin girls already) and didn't see the need to have a shower. So instead we had a themed Girls party "She's about to POP" and ate several different kinds of popcorn, poptarts, bubble gum, lollipops, soda pop, popcorn chicken, jalapeno popppers, any thing that pops. Only one "shower" type of game was played. And even then it wasn't a shower game. Everyone had a piece of bubblgum-the real stuff- and had to blow the biggest bubble. Winner? Sara Barlow! There were some gifts to open and more games to be played, Bladerdash, Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase, and the party was over at midnight! Four pregnant ladies were there so we got a picture of all of us with the most pregnant on the left! We had a great time and I believe that JoElle had her baby a day or two ago!? JoElle, Shay, Camille, Sara

We were so lucky to have our Dad here when school started back up again! Blake is in FIRST grade. I know we all say it but, WOW, I have a first grader. And I know I'll say it next month as I send Reese of to pre-school at Canyon Country Park, and then again every year as my children learn and grow! Check out the PINK shoes!
With BFF Grace (different class this year, sad day)
Boy Buddies! Jem & Tanner (in the same class with Blake)
"My own desk!"
AND can't leave out mom's big helper Reese!

We did so much together. Well, really we did nothing but we spent all the nothing time together as a family. It was great!

My dearest and oldest friend, who I would also call a kindred spirit and she just so happened to marry my husband's best and childhood friend, is visiting in town. We got to visit with her and her little kids the other day and look forward to playing with them again before they leave. Reese, Katelyn, Blake

AND I made just about the BEST white chocolate macadamia nut cookies EVER!! So check out the


S.Shepherd said...

Shay you are looking good. I know how you feel about cleaning. I procrastinate too.

Camille said...

Yes, you SHOULD be spending all that time with Dan, and not cleaning!! Love the picture of us!!! Could I get a copy? JoElle had her baby? WHen? I have been thinking about her all week!!! Blake is such a cutie!! Love her backpack and pink shoes!!

Jenson Family said...

Shay!! So good to hear from you. Isn't blogging great like that? Gotta love it. You are too cute! And your family is adorable. I LOVE the name that you're giving your next baby! It's a perfect name!! :) I won't spill it here since it seems like you've kept it secret so far... I love having 3 girls - it's great! Don't know if we'll ever "get that boy" (that's the most frequent question I get from random people in stores, family members, etc) but we're perfectly happy with our girly girls! I would love to hear about your life! Your cooking blog is amazing! YUM!

Beach Mommy said...

So glad you enjoyed the time with Danny and left the laundry alone. I need to do that more.. Wish I wouldn't been here for the party but it looks great. How about a party for you?? Huh?? I know your sister mentioned one but I really want to too. I'll have to talk to you! Good luck out there Dan-o

Lexi said...

So, now I get to rediscover your blog... and you! Wow. I didn't know you were about to have a baby... so it's been like 9 months at least... I can tell you enjoy your life! I love that you share your projects and talents. I will have to try your recipes. I just put together a box of recipes for Kalee at school (yes she's in college!) and one of them is titled "Shexi Pretzels" remember those days! Now we are both off living our dream and making food every day! Thanks for your comments. Thanks for being my friend. I love you. When is your baby due? I didn't find that post. Best wishes there! (Are you all natural? I love it!) (ok this is long enough).

Ames said...

Shay!!! I can't believe how big your girls are getting!!!!

Adam & Samantha said...

shay! this is samantha seymour! I found you on Karlye's blog! I cannot believe you have two girls! it seems like yesterday we were at girls camp. I LOVE the name Blake for a girl, one of my favorites! So glad you are doing well! our blog is

Kurt+Amy said...

Your girls are so beautiful! That party idea is so cute, did you think of that? What a fun get together! Oh btw our new blog addy is
I'm not sure if you have it because our link doesn't work on your sidebar. Love ya!