Friday, June 19, 2009


Today we celebrate 8 years of marriage.

We had a little two night get-away and feel so refreshed to come back to kids and get ready for another bit of time apart!

My AWESOME aunt Lark hooked us up with 2 nights at her time share in Palm Springs. The place was great, it was a one bedroom, living room, fully stocked kitchen and dining room. Thanks Aunt Lark for our time away! Both my sisters watched our girls which made for free baby sitting. So all we paid for was gas and food! It was nice and now we're back!

On our drive back we asked each other questions like:

What's so cool about being married?
Dan- Being able experience a relationship so filled with love that is almost un-human like.
Shay- Having some one to love and be loved by unconditionally.

What year of marriage has been the most fun/exciting!?
Dan- This last one.
Shay- Agree

What anniversary do you remember the most?
Dan- Not a clue
Shay- 1st one we lived in Boston and we met up with our friends the Bulkleys in New Jersey, and I met Stanfields for the first time in Delaware. 2nd one I was huge pregnant with Blake and you (Dan) had a gig to play on a Boston Harbor cruise ship, you wore a purple-ish shirt and matching tie...something about the color purple. 3rd we went to just about the most awesome concert lin-up ever, Sleeping at Last, The Format, Yellowcard, and Something Corporate. 4th we were living in California and probably did dinner and a movie. 5th year we had 2 kids and I'm guessing we did the dinner and a movie thing. 6th year we were treated to a 2 night stay in San Diego, again my sister watched the girls. 7th year we went on a 2 night stay to Vegas and listened to one of those time share opportunities and got another 2 nights free, 4 meal vouchers and gambling credit. 8th year here we are.
Dan- Wow, you remembered all that?
Shay- I guess so

What's with us not getting each other gifts?
Dan- I don't know
Shay- I don't mind it.
Dan- I'd liek to get you something, but it's nice that we don't feel it important.
Shay- I'm just happy to have you around on our anniversary!

I sure like being married! And I'm more in love with my husband now than when we got married 8 Years ago!


S.Shepherd said...

Wow congrats on 8 years. I wouldn't be able to remember all those details, But my husband would. He remembers anything that I ever said that I ever wanted.
Congrats again.

Camille said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!!


I still remember Jake having your engagement picture when he and I were dating.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Happy Anniversary!

brainofjana said...

so sweet!! Congrats guys :)

LaurieNguyen said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Cassie said...

Happy Anniversary!

We don't do gifts either. Mostly we do what you did, reminisce over the years together. More and more our remembering is conducted in jaw-dropped-wonder: What, really?!?! we've been together that long?!?! It doesn't seem that long!

Happy Anniversary!

Jamie said...

Awwww. I love you guys. I loved your wedding too. Your cake was the coolest with root beer sugar bubbles.

I am so glad you got married. Shay, you do have an amazing memory! Glad you guys had a fun weekend away.

Beach Mommy said...

Happy Anni!! It is amazing you could love someone more than you did on your wedding day huh?! I totally feel the same way. And I feel he's more attractive now that he was on our wedding day ~ is that because I'm more in love or just a fact?

Ames said...

I loved reading that Shay!!!! So sweet!! I can't believe it's been 8 years!! You guys are adorable.:)