Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Rebecca, you got my brain thinking.....thanks!

I was at my monthly recipe exchange night, and had a great time by the way, and learned that my friend Rebecca is nearing completion of her novel. (Is that right?) Anyhow, it reminded me of a thought I had long ago to write a story about my dad's childhood. He is one of eight kids and I love hearing funny, sad, weird, sometimes fictional stories from his memories. But with eight kids, sometimes those stories are all told differently, sometimes the same.

So, I ask you blog followers and readers; what would you ask your parents about their childhood, what would you want to know, if it was up to you to tell the story of your parents' life what would be most valued.


Beach Mommy said...

-What they liked most for breakfast.
-Most nostalgic meals from their childhood.
-Things that put a feeling of fear in the pit of their stomach.
-A time when they came closest to wetting their pants while laughing.
-What kind of family cars they had.
-The cheapest price they can remember paying for a gallon of gas.
-Something they regret doing as a teenager and why.
-Something they're grateful they did as a teeneger and why
-What age they would love to repeat and why....

And so on and so forth....

Shillig 1 said...

Friends from - elementary, middle school & high school. Favorite movies & books. Holiday memories. First kiss. One of their favorite things about their mom/dad. Teachers they liked/that made impressions. Their goals as youth.