Saturday, May 2, 2009

Emotional Day of a Pregnant Woman

Today started great. My girls were staying with my sister and I slept in until 8:30am. Wow, funny how that is sleeping in. I began the day by doing some laundry, tidying up, and a little sewing. This is where it went down hill. After completing the said sewing project, a maternity skirt, I tried it on. I need to preface here that when I saw the fabric I fell in love and envisioned and outfit immediately. The skirt was completed and I pulled it up only to have it stop at my thighs. It didn't fit. Ugh. I hope I have enough fabric to make one that fits my body that is much larger than I had thought it was.

My land-lord calls reminding me that it's May. Great. He comes to take my money away from me, mind you I haven't any money to begin with. I hate having to deal with finances, bills, and the lack thereof.

Okay, breathe. I'm off to pick up my girls from my sister at around 11am and they are having a blast. They don't want to leave and I'm okay with hanging out having some lunch. I love that my sister has a back-yard to play in. She's living with her boy-friend and he just bought a house. He's so nice and patient to let me and the girls come around so much so I can have company and the girls have a place to play, with that stinking cute dog!

Okay, I can do this right!? Then we have to leave the freedom of the backyard and that is inevitably accompanied with whining and opting to NOT listen to mother's (me) requests to get in the car. Please don't fall asleep girls we're so close to home. That 11 seconds she slept meant no real nap. Guess who suffers? We all do!

At home again. One reading a stack of books the other sneaking out from her napping place. I throw my hands up. They'll go to bed early, that'll be nice. I try finding a sitter so I can go for a girl's night out, a friend is in from out of town! Sushi and a movie. Should be fun. If I could only get a sitter. Sister has plans, brother has plans, and 5 young women and 1 young man from church later. I give up.

Work on tomorrow's lesson. I hear the girls playing together. Blake says to Reese, "I'll read to you!" Reese runs down the hall to get mom's scriptures. How sweet! It gets too quiet. I hear a pencil aggressively drawing, in what? A scripture book, big blue ones with scripture stories and pictures. With a slightly crazy tone I warn the girls to get in to their room before I can reach them. I am so tired of their constant destroying my things. It was my make-up only 20 minutes before. I follow them to their room and scold them on their destructive behavior. I ask how they would like to have their things destroyed? Blake had a hole in her shirt so I stuck my finger right in that hole and ripped the shirt in half. "How do you like having your things destroyed?" On my command of clean your room and show me you are done destroying things RIGHT NOW!!! After much crying and confusion as to why mom would rip a shirt in half....while wearing it, the girls settle down. And guess what they do? Clean their room.

Two hours of crying, going slightly crazy, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. My girlfriends call me and tell me it's time to get out. Call this one last person and get out! I shower myself and my kids, get them in their jammies and couldn't be more thankful to have such a dear friend watch the girls. Thanks a million Tracey, Young Women Pres, comes on over, scoops my girls right up, they go off to McD's and the park, play at her house with 10 year old Polly Pockets, AND she gets them to bed! Meanwhile, I get to enjoy my first sushi experience and think it's tasty and fun! Movie followed and of course the chance to be out with such fun women! Jamie K, Genine B, Marci D, Naomi B, and Rachel ?. Thanks girls for taking my mind off such an emotionally wracking day and having me out! I really appreciate it. It's nice knowing I'm not alone on such crazy days!

I'm so ready for Sunday! And bed!



I am sorry you had an "emotional pregnant woman day"

I keep hoping these "emotional pregnant woman days" will end when I have Malachi but I think then I will just have "emotional mom days" but alas we get through them and all turns out well...glad you had a great time!

Sharon said...

Oh I'be been there, and sometimes it's when I'm not even pregnant. It's also hard having Dan gone I'm sure. I feel your pain though my girls seem to destroy everything. Including a special neckless my grandma gave me. I'm glad you got out though, I'm sure you needed it.

Pam said...

I actually have done the ripping of their clothes as well. It made a huge impression on them for a few months :) Thank you for sharing your moment with us. It makes me feel more normal to know I am not the only one who has them :) Hang in there, and know that "it came to pass"

The Fast Family said...

Im sorry you had such a hard day. I wish I was around to watch your girls. Just know you can seriously call me anytime. Hudsen always asks about Blake.

Jackie said...

Oh thanks so much! How sweet are you!
And, by the way, you are SO PRETTY! WOW. You look amazing in your picture in the header, I love it.

So if you are Jake's cousin, you must be Larkie's too...

My husband, Lincoln, and Larkie's husband, Seth, are brothers.

So that's how I know all the Shilligs.

Hang in there! Sorry about the pregnancy "complications!"

Mrs. Anderson said...

I am so glad you came out - you deserved it!!!! You're incredible in so many ways and I love love love your shirt story - that's how you teach them!!! :)
(Rachel A.)

Mike and Kate said...

Hey shay! I was updating the grandparents on your life through your blog...they said i was soo "smart" because they didnt know how to do the "BLOG THING" haha.

I hope you can come see us soon! OR Mike and I might come this summer.

Thinking of your family.

Jessica said...

Aw. I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I hope tomorrow goes better for you. *HUGS*

fran said...

lol...poor thing...I hate it when it seems like nothing will go right!

Beach Mommy said...

I'm so glad Tacey could take them and more glad you could get out of the house with us! Glad to see you have your first Sushi and glad to be your friend! Hang in there and DONT FORGET TO CALL ANYTIME!!! We are all here to be a support to you!