Thursday, February 12, 2009

Others' Blogs

Okay Raise your hand if you "blog- hop" like me!?

Now raise your hand if you actually comment on strangers' blogs, like me!?

Well, check this one out! It's a different blog theme than others I have seen. She posts on: "beautiful tables, great food, the stories and the holidays or anything else that inspired any of my design."

AND she gets deals on her LOOT.
You all know how much I love a deal!

So check her out! She's also having a contest for $30 Target gift card. The odds seem pretty good! Today (Thursday) is the last day. So she's just trying to get her name out in the blogging world and hopes for the best! So take a peek drop a comment and get entered to win a gift card!


Sarager Family said...

yayaa for your new blog. I am so excited.


love the family picture at the top! I totally forgot you had this blog! love love love it!

CC said...

Hi Shay! Thanks for the plug. I hope you visit again soon!

Carolyn of "What Now?"